Monday, 29 October 2012

The immediate actions required in this regard from schools are the following:-
• Creation of new divisions (2012-13)
• Promotion of students (from 2011 -12 to 2012 - 13)
• Correction and Updation of SSLC student details
• Uploading of the photos of SSLC pupils (150W x 200H pixels, and not more than 30 kb size)
• If you have the following troubles, please send a mail to
1. Cant able to create new divisions
2. Unable to edit because of Student confirmation
3. Existence of unwanted or wrongly named divisions due to hiding of original divisions
4. Cancellation of Wrong promotions
5. Cancellation of Wrongly issued TCs
6. Manually issued TC, even if the student details were present in Sampoorna
1. We will serve your request only if an official mail is sent to the above mail id.
2. If you have already sent a mail to any other email id which is maintained in the IT@School Project(for eg;,, etc), a fresh mail isneed to be sent to, as all other earlier mails regarding sampoorna issues willnot be entertained on any account.
3. Even though Sampoorna updation is necessary in all classes and of all pupils, our immediate
target is SSLC candidates and it should be done before the last date (10/11/2012) mentioned above.
                                                                       District Coordinator

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