Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Linux Training for HSST and LP Teachers

 HSST Linux Training :

IT@School Project aims to give LINUX training to Higher Secondary Teachers. It may be in the 3rd / last week of January 2012. There are TWO types of training. 1). BASIC LINUX Training. 2). ADVANCED LINUX Training. It needs the details of the teachers to schedule the training programme. So, please upload the required details on or before 9 January 2012. You can upload the details of 8 teachers
( 4 Basic + 4 Advanced ) at a time. if number exceeds, submit it once more. 
If needs any clarification, call 9745250022 ( Vijayan. V. K, MT, IT@School Project, Kasaragod )
Click Here to upload details.

LP Teachers Training :
 It has decided to conduct Basic ICT Training to LP School (Independant and Attached LP Schools) Teachers and LP HMs Statewide from Jan 9th Onwards  based on Linux Junior O/s. So We require the detailed list of LP Teachers and LP HMs. So pls download the proforma from the following link and Please send the list before 4th Jan 2012 in ksditschool@gmail.com If you have any doubt call the Master Trainers in charge of your Sub District.Further information will be forwarded later

Kasaragod Rajesh MP                     9447352655
Kumbla Narayana D                        9446282273
Manjeshwar Augustine Bernad M   9446283206
Hosdurg Vijayan V K                       9745250022
Bekal P Sreedharan Nair                9495092080
Chittarikkal Babu N K,                    9447089483, 9061145151
Chervathur Rajan P                         8547458474


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